Frequently Asked Questions

Is ExLoader a Virus?

There are tons of questions online and on discussion sites on whether ExLoader is a virus or not. There are many people who believe and think that this CSGO cheat loader is actually a virus that can steal passwords and other sensitive information. However, this is not true, and people do not have evidence to back up their claims.

ExLoader is far from a virus. It is simply a harmless cheating tool that allows CSGO players to bypass VAC systems and use cheats when playing CSGO online on Steam.

Is ExLoader Free or Paid?

For the people who wish to use ExLoader, here’s some good news for you! This CSGO cheat loader is completely free. The file itself is also not large. This means players can easily download it from the main site in a couple of minutes or even seconds. Players will not need to pay a dime to use the cheats provided by this cheat loader.

Is ExLoader Safe?

There are CSGO players who are extra cautious and careful. They need to make sure that the cheating tools they use are safe and secure. Well, there’s good news for such players. ExLoader is completely safe.

When using it, players have zero chances of getting caught. This CSGO cheat loader is superior to many others to the extent that even the VAC system cannot detect it. Players can enjoy all types of cheats without the fear of getting caught and banned.